A phenotype of the storied Green Crack that originated in Chico, CA. Many cuts of this varietal have been in circulation over the years. They all have a few notable traits including fast flowering time, a fruit like aroma, and a clear cerebral effect with a rapid onset. This is a great plant that formerly held a bad title name. In the legal world, Dream Queen has replaced Green Crack on most store shelves.

The buds of Dream Queen have orange hairs, are lime green, and have a strong fruit aroma.


This cultivar grows fast and exhibits vigor you would find in an F1 selection. The plant shows it’s vigor in the vegetative phase and in flowering phase. Flowers come on strong and the cultivar is considered fast flowering for cannabis. In most environments, Dream Queen will finish in 7-8 weeks. For outdoor growers in Northern California, the plant will finish around October 1 or possibly earlier, thus allowing most growers to harvest prior to the fall rains.

The Dream Queen strain flowers in 7-8 weeks.

This is a proven strain that is high in THC, but has much more to offer. Commercial producers will take delight in the flower structure, aroma, and production time. This cultivar moves well through the market and is generally a winner on all important commercial traits. Once known as Green Crack, this cultivar is a timeless champion of both the production farmer and the hobby gardener.  The plant grows like an Indica, but flowers like a sativa.   Overall, growers can expect a good yield.

Dream Queen is one of the best smelling fruit aromas on the market.

Dream Queen

Strain Data
  • Lineage: Skunk #1 x Mazar
  • Flowering Time: 49-56 days
  • Growers Notes: This plant branches in most cases. The cultivar likes to feed
  • Observations: Growing smaller plants in tighter spacing, plants will branch less. Huge colas.

For additional information on Dream Queen, check out the info at Dark Heart Nursery of California.